Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome September!

September is here!  I hope everyone had fabulous a August and looking forward for another month like I do. In few days, there will be another year addition to my age.  Anyways, after doing a lot of FBB I got addicted to yarns. I have bought about ten different colors and started watching Teresa’s videos on Youtube. I have spent the last couple weeks of august just crocheting, following Teresa’s tutorials and adding my own idea into the patterns.
First, I got addicted to cheerful flower so, I made few. 

   I added pin to the cheerful flower to make it a brooch.

I also followed Teresa's video the Mary Jane slipper but added a little detail to the next one.

 Then, This baby booties design was my idea, I love the color and the style. I wanted to add buttons but my husband said buttons will be hazard for babies because they put everything that their hands can grab in their mouth. So, I crocheted a ring and filled with single crochet. The baby shirt above i bought in Paris during my visit.
 They're are for my best friend's baby girl! we are going to welcome her in November, I can't wait to see these cute baby booties and slippers on her.  oh well...I have to get back on my reading and time to keep my yarns away from my sight ^_^. for awhile.

And oh, my sisters loved the FBB and one of them asked for another two for her mother-in-law and grandma. They gonna have to wait until Christmas because my husband asked me last night to make him a silk-wool scarf. I am still thinking if i would learn to knit or just crochet a scarf but  first i need to at least finish four chapters of the book  that i need to read in two weeks! Wish me luck! 
I wish you a good day!

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