Wednesday, October 26, 2011

african flower baby blanket

I made this African flower blanket for my best friend. It was made of 42 African flowers and 7 half flowers for the sides. The measurements: length is 38 inches and width of 37 inches.
I read about the African flowers in few blogs. So, I decided to make one since I have already made baby booties for my best friend. Also, they are moving to Iowa from the Philippines. As you know there is a huge difference in the weather between the two countries. So, I think this cute little blanket will help a little bit.

The only regret I had after connecting the blocks was I did not weave the tails as I go. It took me couple of days just to weave tails and making sure that the back of it was clean.

There you go my first blanket project.

She is expecting a baby girl first week next month. I hope she will like the color selections. I am not very good in combining colors but my mother thinks the color combo was okay.
Happy crocheting to all!


  1. Hi! Thanks for following me :)

    I love your baby blanket, the colors are excellent choice! I just love purples.


  2. thank you nancy! i followed your blog because i like it:) have a good day