Sunday, August 21, 2011

FBB (fat bottom bag)

After  I have passed the driving license test I have decided to finish my fat bottom bag because I don’t have to worry about the test , plus my sister in Maryland sent four pair of bag handles. My mother also sent some so, I have plenty of bag handles.
I also bought a sewing machine: P because I wanted to add lining into my FBB, then I’ve spent my Thursday just to trying to remember my sewing skills that I have learned years ago! Wow that was when I was 16 and I will be turning 26 next month. Whew! Yes, that was a little work for me. So, I had to call my mother and asked her to get on Skype to show her the sewing machine and ask her to refresh my memory. Don’t get me wrong the machine has its manual but my mother can explain good using our own language.
It was Friday; I finally refreshed my sewing skills so I started to sew the lining and spent the whole day sewing and crocheting.  
This white bag is mine :-)

 I added inside pocket too:-)
 This blue bag is for my sister in MD.
 I added a little detail too.
 And, this green bag is for my sister in Florida.
 I just love doing FBB! This one is for my mother-in-law in NC.
 Tada! four beautiful fat bottom bags.
 I fell in love with these bags because they're easy to make and you also can find a video tutorial in youtube on how to make FBB.
happy crocheting everyone!



  1. hi could u post the instructions to make this bag????

    1. Hi, there is a video tutorial on youtube.. she change the name from FBB to swaggy bag because of the copyright issues. her youtube name is one virtues woman. the video tutorial is very clear and also how to line the bag.