Thursday, July 28, 2011

FBB (fat bottom bag)

Last month, I have started making fat bottom bag and decided to use the yarns that I have bought in Korea last year. I wanted to make the color-bar blanket from the crochet book stitch and bitch, But i have changed my mind. the pattern required ten different colors but I have only bought three. I do not want to waste yarns, plus, they're expensive... ^_^. So, I came up  with the idea of making three fat bottom bags, one for me and for my two sisters.
I have started with blue. Next is white, then green.

 The Crochet book has confused me. So, I have looked up online about tips from the people whom finished the bag, then found video on Youtube. I am hoping that  my first attempt of crocheting bag will turn out good.
It has been a busy July for me, I went back to  Paris and visited Prague. I will post pictures soon. Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy crocheting to all !

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