Tuesday, July 5, 2011

weekend in Berlin, Germany

We spent our weekend in Berlin, Germany. The weather was not good, it was raining! The sun did not show up from the day we got there to the day we left, But it did not stop me from exploring the city. I have seen few interesting structure, buildings and more. 
here are some places that i have visited during my stay.
First stop was the Checkpoint Charlie.

I have paid 5 euro just to have picture take with these guys. oh boy! they're making money just posing with tourists that want a photo in Checkpoint Charlie. In the 60's of course i can't pay them 5 euro for photos ^_^.
 and yes, this guy gave us a ride for 18 euro for half an hour. Then he took us here

 The Brandenburg Tor or Gate. One of the city gates that was built in the Berlin.
oh yeah! that's him the cab driver and also a tour guide. lectured us a little bit about the gate.

End up in the Museum Island or Museumsinsel where five museums can be found. Nope, i did not go to any of the museums. 

 I do not know what was that but looks like a huge bird bath :) i should look it up in Google.
okay, that was my rainy weekend in Berlin.

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