Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More hats and baby boots

Hello Blog land! It’s been awhile since I updated my blog or posts a blog entry. I have been busy with my college admission and it is done. I am starting next month for the spring semester. Wish me luck!
What happened last month? Uhmm to start, I crocheted hats and more booties for my new niece.  Of course the model in this pictures is not my niece lol!

first is the chili/elf shoes with hat.
2nd is Spock hat and boots for halloween.
3rd is the Thinkerbell shoes and hat.
4th is the pink mary jane slipper and head band
and the last one is the sweet butterfly and headband. Those names are from my previous post about the baby boots.( if you are wondering :P)

And then, my sister and her family came to visit for the thanksgiving. I prepared turkey and they said it was delicious.

Then, my husband and I went to see friends in Pensacola bay, FL. It was a long trip but worth it because we get to see our friends and the weather was so nice and sunny. It was my 2nd visit to that beach and each visit is amazing because Pensacola has nice sunset and sun rise, great surf fishing, white sand, it is winter but still warm, quiet, and there is a small Cajun restaurant that I really love. They have the best seafood ever. (My opinion of course :P)

Well this is the end of my story today. I am wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! God bless us all!


  1. What lovely work you have been doing. I love them all. I love the colors you chose too. Have a Merry Christmas too and a Happy New Year:)

  2. merry christmas and happy new year..

  3. long time no hear from you, how are you?

    1. hi Dinah, just so busy in school. how are you?