Wednesday, September 19, 2012

crochet baby booties

Hello my lovely blogging friends!  I hope everyone is enjoying their day or night whichever part of the world you are right now.

On my last post, I mentioned that I made a promise to my sister that I will make 12 pairs of crochet baby shoes or booties for her baby girl. Also, I posted the 3 pairs that I have completed.

Today, I completed 4 more. So without further ADO! Here is my TADA!

I have decided to name them... Uhmmm I tried!!

First, The sweet butterfly because of the shape of the buttons and my favorite colors that's what makes it sweet :-)!

Then,The Tomato or can be Strawberry shoes! What do you think?
I added picot stitch in between five DC of crocodile stitch to have the leafy kinda thing add to the design.

And  one of my favorite, I named it The Tinkerbell booties because of the color. It has earthy slash fairy colors of brown, green and white. It was made of few layers of crocodile stitch using different colors and it turn out good. On the list is a baby hat to match this.
 Lastly, my version of christmas booties. The Elf shoes! It also look like chili peppers with leaves!
I think this is so cute that I have decided to write down the pattern when I was crocheting this.
My sister is planning to have her baby girl to be photograph by a professional photographer monthly after the child is born which is due next month. That is why I decided to crochet 12 pairs!

 Ladies, I am working on the pattern for the elf/chili peppers shoes. Hopefully, my next post will be the pattern. If interested watch out for the next post. I will try my very best to be very clear on the pattern.

Once again, Thank You very much for the comments on my last post.Comments are very much appreciated God bless you all and have a great day!


  1. Great work Jee ! All of them are stunningly beautiful ! I liked the sweet butterfly and tinker bell the most :)

    1. I'm waiting for the chili pepper elf slipper crochet pattern love them

  2. I love them. I hope you made each pair a little bigger than the last if they have to fit the baby over the course of a year!

    My little munchkin has grown 3 sizes in 3 months and I bet your sister's baby will grow really quickly too.

    xXx Helen

    1. thank you helen, the first 3 was very small. but the other 4 can fit up to 3 months. thinking about making bigger sizes too

  3. hi, do you have a pattern for the croc booties? love them