Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tutorial for the chili/elf crochet baby shoes

Hello blogging friends!  I hope you can follow my instructions if not please just ask me and I will try my best to explain.

If you are not familiar with the crocodile stitch or first time to try. Watch this video by Teresa Richardson of Crochet Geek because the last part of my tutorial is the crocodile stitch and the video will explain it much better than me.  Click  here

What you need?
Red yarn (mine is I love this yarn sport weight red)
Green yarn (mine is red heart soft guacamole)
5.00 mm G hook
Tapestry needle & 2 markers & scissors
And the most important is TIME! With a lot patience and understanding to my writing then you will have the TADA of your own. I will add some notes after some rounds which might be an important note or not you will see.
The size will fit new born to 2 months old.

Okay, let’s start shall we?
 Start with a magic loop … magic loop? What is magic loop? click .here 

Round 1: ch 1(not counted as sc) 6 sc inside the ring (or loop) join total of 6 sc
Round :2-5 SC around for total of 6sc
Round 6: 2 sc in the same st. *1 sc in the next st 2sc in the next st 1 sc in the next repeat * join. Total of 9 sc
Round :7-8 sc around join for total of 9sc.
Round: 9 2 sc in the same st * 1 sc in the next 2 sts 2sc in the next. Repeat * join for total of 12sc
Note: 2sc is the increase and as the you go on the stitches between the 2sc increase will also increase we started with 2 st  in between 2 sc increase. Then it will be 3 sts space before 2sc increase.
Round :10 -13 will be the same as round 9. The only difference is the spaces between 2 sc increase. You will end up of 24 sc.

Note: if you want bigger size continue to increase.

Round: 14-15 1 sc around for total of 24sc. Fasten off cut your yarn.
Round:16 lay it flat just like what you see in the photo below. Then find the center of it. Then place your marker on each side. Or just count 12 then place marker then put marker on the opposite side.

Attach your yarn on the marker whichever side you want to start. Ch 1 or just make your 1st sc then continue adding 11 more for total of 12sc. Turn your work.
Round: 17-21 repeat round 16.
note: if you want longer just add additional rounds.
Round: 22 this round will be a decrease round.
Note: we need to decrease to start shaping  the shoes. For the decrease I just skipped the next sc.
1 sc skip next st 1 sc on next just continue up to the last st. you should have 6 sc in the end.
Round :23 by skipping 1 sc you will come up with 3 sc. Just continue around with 1 sc in the next 7 sts ( make sc in between spaces of the previous rounds)when you reach the marker 1 sc then skip 1 st then 1 sc again, continue doing this until you reach the other marker. Working on the other side of the marker do 7sc just like what you did on the other side. Join with the beginning sc. Total of 23 sc
Rounds: 24-30 1 sc around for total of 23sc. Fasten off
Round: 31  with green attach your yarn. Ch 2 (count as the 1st dc) dc on the same st. *ch 1 skip next st 1dc in the next ch 1 skip 1 st 2dc in the next st ch 1. Repeat *
Note: if you have extra 1 st just join it with beginning ch2.

Round: 32 ch 2 4 dc on the post of the dc from the previous round. ( teresa’s video will explain it better than my writing please follow her tutorial on the crocodile stitch) ch 3 sc on the last dc. (you are making a  picot) 5 dc on the other side.
Round: 33-24  1sc around  for total of 19 sc. Fasten off. Weave all the tails.

That’s it! My apology for the grammar and if there are mistakes! I did my best to explain the pattern. This is the best that I can do I guess hahaha!
Have a great day blog friends !



  1. thanks for sharing jee..i gonna try cute!

  2. Ohh dear friend, These elf shoes are wonderful...:)) I may make them for myself and for my daughter...:))
    Good work.. And thank you very much...:))

  3. thank you ladies!

    @beck... just adjust add rounds for the increase and for the length

  4. These are adorable! Good job on writing the pattern too!

  5. Adorable pattern! You seem to have been learning to write just fine! It all sounds great!

  6. These elf shoes are wonderful!

  7. I got stuck at round 22. I can't seem to be able to connect the sides to make it one continuous circle (?). Please help...

    1. I had the same problem. I see you wrote this comment over a year ago with no response. I guess I'll re-write the last part of the pattern to complete the shoe.

    2. I figured it out. I know you were on this blog over a year ago and probably aren't working this pattern any more, but I thought I would write my version for rows 22 and 23 in case any one else wants to try and has problems.

      Special stitch
      Single Crochet Decrease (sc dec): Put hook through next st, yo, pull yarn through st (2 loops on hook). Put hook the following st, yo, pull yarn through st (3 loops on hook). Yo, pull yarn through all three loops. You have now turned two stitches into one stitch; decrease complete.

      Row 22: sc dec 6 times. You should now have 6 sts. Ch 1 turn.
      Row 23: sc dec 3 times. DO NOT TURN. Working across the side of rows 16-21, sc 7. You should now be at your st marker. sc dec 6 times. Working across the other side of rows 16-21, sc 7. Sl st in first sc dec. Ch 1. Do not turn. You should now have 23 sts.

      The rest of the directions worked well.

    3. Just wanted to let you know your explanations did help me!!!! I was strugling at that row not understanding the meaning of it! Thanks Friend4tea!

  8. Hy! I modified your patter for my niece 5 month old. Thakns for your explanation!

    1. I tried to access your pattern, but it says I need to be invited. Any way you could either send it to me ( or invite me? Thanks!

    2. I tried to access your pattern, but it says I need to be invited. Any way you could either send it to me ( or invite me? Thanks!

  9. These are so super cute!! I can't wait to get home and they them. Thank you so much for the pattern!!

  10. Thank you for sharing and they are adorable.

  11. great pattern, but VERY HARD TO READ! The translucent window over the 100% opaque threads in color behind the pattern make it difficult to read.

  12. I tried pasting into another document, but there are so many formatting commands, I can't read it without spending time reformatting the document.

    I admire your talent greatly, but it's just to difficult to read.

  13. Thank you very much, I love your blog. ...

  14. thank you very much for this pattern! its great! im doing it as a gift for a little boy who is coming soon! really lovely pattern!

  15. I found your pattern on pinterest, going to make them for my 4 month old grandson. thank you so much!

  16. Found this pattern and will try to make them for people in my Park.

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  19. Hi there! I wanted to know if you could please send me the same slippers but for age 4 years old. I reeeally want to make my son a pair.

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  22. Hi Jee! these are adorable! Well done !

    just wondering what hook you used, since G & 5.00mm hooks are two different sizes? did you use an H 5 mm or a G 4 mm hook?

    these will be a gift so i just wanna make sure the size is right !

    thanks so much !

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  24. Hi Jee, LOVE your baby bootees! Would you kindly let me know how to access the pattern for the purple/mauve bootees with butterfly flower? Thanks. Not sure how to send you a private message with my email. Janet

  25. I cannot get a clear printing of the pattern. When I print it I come up with small pictures covering the words and other symbols over words

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