Friday, November 2, 2012

My first Halloween in the states

Hello everyone! How’s your Halloween? Mine was okay. Last year, the Germans surprised me. I thought they don’t have trick or treats because I know it is American tradition. I wasn’t expecting any trick or treat because we live outside the American base but luckily I bought few bags of chocolates and candies, after couple of hours I’m out of candies! I had to turn the lights off. So, when we moved here I thought this is America, trick or treating will be crazier than Germany. I bought 6 big bags if mix candies and chocolates. Called the clubhouse about the time the trick or treat begins in the community. She said 6-8pm, I lit my carved pumpkins and turn the outside lights on to indicate that I have candies to give away but after 9pm is still have 5 and half bags of candies and I don’t have any idea what to do with them! Okay enough with my candies and Halloween story. I know what to do next Halloween LOL!
My October started with buying and carving pumpkins. I carved few pumpkins last month. My husband and I saw this farmhouse on the side of the road that has a lot of good-looking pumpkins and bought 3 then came back again 2 more times because their pumpkins are not just good but also cheap.

 Oh me so happy!

I didn’t have any costume but I realize I have angry bird hat. So, I decided to wear it and be the angry birdJ it was fun!

It was fun and lots of work LOL!
Here are photos.

 This one is dedicated to my sister and her baby girl.

 Received a lot of compliments for this Star Wars theme this year.

Next year will be Star Trek theme :) have a great day everyone and have a bless weekend. TGIF to all!