Monday, September 19, 2011


I’m back in Heidelberg again after a week of nice sun in San Diego. Our flight was terrible though because it had been delayed for five hours going there and six hours delayed coming back here! I hate you American airlines lol! Anyways it was a fun trip for me, I hook up with my friend and we went to see Hollywood, drove around Beverly Hills, walked along the Santa Monica beach and ate at Philippines famous…..  Jollibee! It’s a famous fast food chain in my country. It was a blast! I was happy to see my friend and spent time with her just like what we used to do in Seoul.
A view from Pacific beach in San Diego.    

The water was so cold! (we'll at least for me it was) but see the surfers loved it.

The famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

And of course JOLIBBEE! yeah baby!

A view from a mall in Hollywood.
Santa Monica beach.
This the longest bridge i have ever seen in my life, it was about two miles going to Coronado Island. Oh gosh i can't remember the name! oh well...
I think this is the Seafort Village still in San Diego.
Downtown San Diego.

It was nice to see different view after being home all the time. Plus it was a nice escape and feels the sun before it get so cold in here.
Anyways, I finally over come my fear and signed up for the English test. Now, I have couple of months to prepare. Anxiety is kicking in! Good luck to me.
I hope everyone had a good start of September, well I did! In my country September first is the start of the countdown to Christmas ^_^.  Who is excited for Christmas?  
That’s all for now!

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