Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Boots

Hi Blog friends I have been meaning to share this pictures of crochet baby booties that I crocheted last April 
but I am not in the mood to write LOL! I guess, I am bored to death in this apartment :-).

I made this baby booties for my friend's baby boy that explain the colors.

Got the video tutorial in you tube by Teresa of Crochet geek.

In couple of weeks, We are moving to our new home. I am so excited that days seems so long :-)

Wishing everyone a good day!!!! Thank you for the comments on my last post I feel inspired and motivated every time I get feedback from blog friends!


  1. Hi Dear Jee,
    Be sure that I am curiously waiting your new posts because I like all your crochet and handmades so so much and you are in my blog list as I can see all posts at that moment.. These baby boots are so beautiful I like all colors and maybe I can make these boots for myself..:))
    Are you boring in your new apartment.? Just like me..:)) I am boring so so much.. I am really lonely and I miss my family.. So I understand you very good. Crocheting is one thing to make me happy.. And the other thing is pets..
    If you are closer to my country, I want to give you a small and cute gift.. Yes one little puppy or one little kitty..
    It is very nice to read your posts dear Jee. I wish you very sunny and happy days.. And best wishes...:))

  2. cute..

  3. Love these! I'm going to try and find the pattern. Thanks for sharing and thank you so much for the award! :)

    1. the pattern for the boots from youtube crochet geek channel

  4. Hi, I love your crocodile stitched baby slippers. Do you have a spot on your blog where you posted the pattern? I'd love to try them out. Thanks.
    email me if you'd like @