Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy busy!

Hi blog friends! It’s been awhile since I posted entry in this blog and commented on other blogs but I have been reading the blogs I am following.
Anyways, last month I went home (to the Philippines) to see my mother and the rest of my family, it was nice to see them again after a year. Although, I was sick when I was there it was okay, because I get to eat my favorite food and fruits, I spent a lot of time with the kids and my mother and chit chat with them all day long!
But before all the adventures and chit chatting with family back home, I did finish all the crochet angry birds and pigs that I was working on couple of months ago. I tried to complete them all but I do not have yarns and I can’t order online too because we are moving to another country….
Speaking of moving! It was exhausting and crazy moving all of our stuff to the states. Well, I did not do all the packing but cleaning, sorting stuff before the movers came, clearing the fridge, gathering all the documents we need, etc. it was not fun at all. I still need to clean this apartment before the end of the month and then move to a hotel and then travel again! Whew! What a month for me.
Okay, enough with story here are some photos I took before I went home.

 Oh my family and I wearing the hats i made! it was fun!

Have a bless day everyone!


  1. Somehow it's nicer being with family when you are sick. But it's still a shame it happened while you were supposed to be on holiday.

    I like your hats very much and it looks like all the kids are enjoying them too!

    I hate moving! But I think I am going to have to move soon too. But definitely not to another country!

    xXx Helen

  2. Dear Jee Q, welcome again.. I was waiting your posts and thinking what had happen.. But everything is okay.. So good then Hi again.. But good news from you. You went near your family. The best thing in the world I think.. I understand you very well. One day I ll go near my family and won't return back I think..
    Your angry birds and pigs are so beautiful. But the most picture is the photos with your family of course..
    It is very nice to see you again. Best wishes for you and your nice family...

  3. I love your angry birds hats. So cute! do you sell them or the pattern? I was looking for the blue dress you made from Crochet Today! please take a picture. I'd love to see it.

    1. oh a picture? dang! i forgot to take picture before sending it to my friend for her daughter well, i will post her picture wearing it soon. the pattern for the beanie is mine but the beak and eyes i got them from youtube by teresa of crochet geek. the pig's snout pattern was from her video too but the ears and eyes and beanie pattern are mine. i am planning to sell them. anyways thank you eileen.