Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giant granny square

Hi all! I hope you all had fabulous weekend. For Americans we had our four day weekend because of the Veterans Day. Anyways, I started my granny square last week after a couple of weeks of thinking of color combo from my yarn stash. Then, I found myself doing granny square. Well, it work out good because I got to use my yarns that are in different colors and some left over from previous projects. Right now I am on 42nd rows and still going. I am thinking to stop on the 50th rows or 60. Next will be thinking again! For border! LOL! I need to do some thinking in few days. What do you think will be the best border for this granny square? Please help me T_T ……….

Do you have Unfinished object?  While cleaning my boxes I found few unfinished objects and found 10 African flowers. Then, I stopped cleaning and started crocheting and come up with these cute African flowers bag. Of course, I lined the bag.

To end this entry, the red bag I made for my mother in law for Christmas. I added cheerful flower from Teresa’s video on YouTube.

I am wishing everyone a good day! and happy hooking!


  1. Wow! Your granny is gorgeous! I love the colors. You are super fast. I am going to use Lucy's border that she uses on her Granny stripe blanket. You can find it at I will be starting my border this weekend.

  2. Hi dear friend. Your granny blanket is wonderful also the bags are so beautiful. I like them all. Best wishes...

  3. Oh your crochet is so wonderful! I love them all, especially the colors! Hope you had a lovely border for your beautiful granny square! Looking forward to seeing your new projects to be shown!
    Great weekend! LS