Friday, June 3, 2011

love my skirt

For the first I have worn the crochet skirt I made few months ago, I got the pattern from the crochet book stitch n’ bitch the happy hooker by Debbie Stoller. I bought that book when I went to North Carolina to meet my mother in law for the first time. I like all the patterns in this but the skirt pattern what made me bought it. I ordered the yarns online last November and started doing the skirt and finished it after few weeks, but the first attempt was too big for me. So I did it again. I did not follow the measurement in the book but still followed the design, it turned out pretty good. Today, during my doctor’s appointment I have received few compliments about my skirt and yes, I feel proud. Even though, the pattern and color was not my own idea I still feel proud. I did it without any help and the fact that the pattern was written in English and my first time to really follow an instruction in a book, considering English is not my native language.
this me wearing the skirt.

 have a bless day everyone! enjoy the weekend.


  1. woww...that's beautiful jee..i never crochet skirt yet..i hope one day i can do it..

  2. thank you, it was easy pattern.