Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my homemade lumpia wrap ^_^

      i love filipino food, uhmm because i am filipino and i grew up with it.
there is  no filipino market or restaurant here so finding ingredients like lumpia skin is really difficult. there are two asian markets in old town but most of the items in the store are thai, chinese and japanese, there are some filipino food but no lumpia skin.
and so i googled recipe for it. i found one recipe and tried to do it but it wasn't a success for me because the procedure was not clear.
   last week, i found a blog about lumpia and making lumpia skin or wrap but did not show how to do it but instead gave the name of a cook book and where to buy it. yes! i did bought one for myself :) the book is asian dumplings by andrea nguyen.

     and then i tried doing it today but before that i made the dough last night. i can't share the recipe or the procedure because of the copyright.... but i can share pictures of my homemade lumpia wrap....

                   the last dough, it gets smaller as i continued cooking.
 i made 20 pieces of lumpia wrap
 the finished product ^_^ i am going to make shrimp lumpia for dinner tonight. hope my husband will like it.

 when the pan is not warm enough for the dough, it will turn out like this.

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