Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tutorial for the chili/elf crochet baby shoes

Hello blogging friends!  I hope you can follow my instructions if not please just ask me and I will try my best to explain.

If you are not familiar with the crocodile stitch or first time to try. Watch this video by Teresa Richardson of Crochet Geek because the last part of my tutorial is the crocodile stitch and the video will explain it much better than me.  Click  here

What you need?
Red yarn (mine is I love this yarn sport weight red)
Green yarn (mine is red heart soft guacamole)
5.00 mm G hook
Tapestry needle & 2 markers & scissors
And the most important is TIME! With a lot patience and understanding to my writing then you will have the TADA of your own. I will add some notes after some rounds which might be an important note or not you will see.
The size will fit new born to 2 months old.

Okay, let’s start shall we?
 Start with a magic loop … magic loop? What is magic loop? click .here 

Round 1: ch 1(not counted as sc) 6 sc inside the ring (or loop) join total of 6 sc
Round :2-5 SC around for total of 6sc
Round 6: 2 sc in the same st. *1 sc in the next st 2sc in the next st 1 sc in the next repeat * join. Total of 9 sc
Round :7-8 sc around join for total of 9sc.
Round: 9 2 sc in the same st * 1 sc in the next 2 sts 2sc in the next. Repeat * join for total of 12sc
Note: 2sc is the increase and as the you go on the stitches between the 2sc increase will also increase we started with 2 st  in between 2 sc increase. Then it will be 3 sts space before 2sc increase.
Round :10 -13 will be the same as round 9. The only difference is the spaces between 2 sc increase. You will end up of 24 sc.

Note: if you want bigger size continue to increase.

Round: 14-15 1 sc around for total of 24sc. Fasten off cut your yarn.
Round:16 lay it flat just like what you see in the photo below. Then find the center of it. Then place your marker on each side. Or just count 12 then place marker then put marker on the opposite side.

Attach your yarn on the marker whichever side you want to start. Ch 1 or just make your 1st sc then continue adding 11 more for total of 12sc. Turn your work.
Round: 17-21 repeat round 16.
note: if you want longer just add additional rounds.
Round: 22 this round will be a decrease round.
Note: we need to decrease to start shaping  the shoes. For the decrease I just skipped the next sc.
1 sc skip next st 1 sc on next just continue up to the last st. you should have 6 sc in the end.
Round :23 by skipping 1 sc you will come up with 3 sc. Just continue around with 1 sc in the next 7 sts ( make sc in between spaces of the previous rounds)when you reach the marker 1 sc then skip 1 st then 1 sc again, continue doing this until you reach the other marker. Working on the other side of the marker do 7sc just like what you did on the other side. Join with the beginning sc. Total of 23 sc
Rounds: 24-30 1 sc around for total of 23sc. Fasten off
Round: 31  with green attach your yarn. Ch 2 (count as the 1st dc) dc on the same st. *ch 1 skip next st 1dc in the next ch 1 skip 1 st 2dc in the next st ch 1. Repeat *
Note: if you have extra 1 st just join it with beginning ch2.

Round: 32 ch 2 4 dc on the post of the dc from the previous round. ( teresa’s video will explain it better than my writing please follow her tutorial on the crocodile stitch) ch 3 sc on the last dc. (you are making a  picot) 5 dc on the other side.
Round: 33-24  1sc around  for total of 19 sc. Fasten off. Weave all the tails.

That’s it! My apology for the grammar and if there are mistakes! I did my best to explain the pattern. This is the best that I can do I guess hahaha!
Have a great day blog friends !


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

crochet baby booties

Hello my lovely blogging friends!  I hope everyone is enjoying their day or night whichever part of the world you are right now.

On my last post, I mentioned that I made a promise to my sister that I will make 12 pairs of crochet baby shoes or booties for her baby girl. Also, I posted the 3 pairs that I have completed.

Today, I completed 4 more. So without further ADO! Here is my TADA!

I have decided to name them... Uhmmm I tried!!

First, The sweet butterfly because of the shape of the buttons and my favorite colors that's what makes it sweet :-)!

Then,The Tomato or can be Strawberry shoes! What do you think?
I added picot stitch in between five DC of crocodile stitch to have the leafy kinda thing add to the design.

And  one of my favorite, I named it The Tinkerbell booties because of the color. It has earthy slash fairy colors of brown, green and white. It was made of few layers of crocodile stitch using different colors and it turn out good. On the list is a baby hat to match this.
 Lastly, my version of christmas booties. The Elf shoes! It also look like chili peppers with leaves!
I think this is so cute that I have decided to write down the pattern when I was crocheting this.
My sister is planning to have her baby girl to be photograph by a professional photographer monthly after the child is born which is due next month. That is why I decided to crochet 12 pairs!

 Ladies, I am working on the pattern for the elf/chili peppers shoes. Hopefully, my next post will be the pattern. If interested watch out for the next post. I will try my very best to be very clear on the pattern.

Once again, Thank You very much for the comments on my last post.Comments are very much appreciated God bless you all and have a great day!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

baby shoes for my sister

Hello ladies!
I’m back!!! I hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying their crochet projects. Anyways, august was a little crazy month for me. I had to deal with my former school for another transcript of records that they don’t want to release but just last week they have decided to process it anyway. So, now I am waiting for it. Okay, enough with the drama.

As I mentioned on the last few blog entries (I think I did mentioned) my sister is expecting a baby girl. I promised her before the pregnancy that if ever she will be pregnant, I am going to make 12 pairs of baby booties. Well, I started last week and finished 3 pairs…. 9 more to go…. I am running out of idea.
I followed sole pattern from the Youtube video for Mary Jane slipper.
I want to share the FO! Tada!

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I posted ‘welcome September’ days and months are too short and passed so quickly. Soon I am going to celebrate another year of my life, Thank God for all the blessings and think about what I want for my birthday :-)

Thank you for reading this post and have a great day!