Friday, January 20, 2012

ladybug hair clip

Hi crochet people! I thought this pattern is worth sharing.
Ladybug hair clip using alligator pin. This is a simple and easy gift for a little girl.
To start you need:
White, black and red yarns  (I have used 3 ply yarn)
Hook  E 3.75mm
Tapestry needle
Red felt
Alligator clip/pin
Glue gun and glue of course

Okay let’s begin:
Round # 1  with red ,Slipknot.  Chain 3 then join to form a ring.
Round #2 chain 3 (count as the beginning  TR) Triple crochet into the ring 19X then join to the beginning chain 3. Fasten off. You should have 20 treble crochet .
Round#4. With black. Slipknot and join in any stitch you like. Chain 1 half double crochet in the next stitch. 6 treble crochet on the next stitch, half double crochet to the next stitch, single crochet to the next . fasten off but leave about 1 and half inch for sewing.
For  the last round I added photos because I think it is the best way to explain. It should be like this at the end of the round 4. Don't worry about the whole in the middle the next photo will show you how to cover it.

 I inserted the needle to the middle of 6 treble crochet from round 4. Shown in the photo above.

 Then inserted the needle to the red as shown in the photo. Then pull and tag a little bit.

 For the ladybug spots I inserted the needle and pull 3 times. like doing embroidery. ( do not pull too much)

 Cut the felt and shape it to your ladybug. Then to make the eyes. take the white yarn and do what you did for the spots.

For the last part, glue the alligator pin to the felt and glue the felt to the back of your lady bug. TADA!
I wish I have a model for this. Apology for the grammar. I hope my instruction is clear enough for you. any question about this, just ask me and  I will try to explain as long as I can. have a nice day and I hope this post is worth trying.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi all!

Last post I said my next post will be a tutorial but I don’t know what to share. (Sigh)  Also I don’t know where to start.

Anyways, I have started a project for my table. I planned to make a table runner but decided to cover the whole table. So, I asked my mother to send me more thread. I have used cotton crochet thread from the Philippines. Well, I like the thread from home.

This is the motif that my mother made a year ago. 

 I have changed some details of my mother's pattern and connected them together as I go. This is my version of the motif.

Then,  my WIP for this month:

 I guess I can call this lilac table runner until the completion of it. 

 Have a great day everyone and Happy Crocheting! Thank You for reading.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The FO

Hi all!

Yesterday, my best friend received the baby blanket and baby boots that I have mailed to her. I was so happy to see the photos that she has uploaded on Face book! Her baby girl is so adorable with the baby boots I made for her, I am so proud of myself. ^_^

This year, I will try to do some tutorials for a change. My next post will be tutorial on crochet stuff. Patterns that I have created or stuff that I made that did not look in a pattern book or magazine. Patterns that I have worked on last year and worth sharing  I hope this will be interesting for you and worth trying. I will try my best to show the tutorials clearly. Maybe, I will add some photos during the tutorials.

By the way, this is the giant granny square that I was working on last year. I wanted to use Eileen from crochet attic’s idea for the border but I run out yarns and decided to end the giant square with two rounds of double crochet using red and blue yarns. Anyways, THANK YOU EILEEN!

I end up of 50 rounds for this granny and 2 double crochet borders.

So, I am pleased to present my giant granny square! TADA!!

 I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year and I am wishing you another good year of hooking! Thank you for visiting my blog!