Sunday, July 31, 2011

update for my FBB

Lining then bag handles and I am done with my FBB. Yes! Well I am not sure if I can finish them this month.
When I was home earlier this year I bought one pair of bag handle, now I need two more so, I have looked online for bag handles and I was shocked that bag handles was so expensive. I am still thinking if I want to order online or wait ‘till I get back home again .then finishes my bags….. O_O
 That's all for now, I need to do some reading this month and try to pass a test. Good luck to me! Happy crocheting to all

Prague, Czech Republic

It was a long trip to Prague, Czech Republic from Heidelberg but I’ve enjoyed my few hours sightseeing before heading back to Heidelberg again. Most of the people in Prague speak English so getting around was easy but of course, map was a good help too. 
Here are some photos from the trip.


Old Town  Hall  ( Staramestska radnice ) and Astronomical Clock (Arloj).
Charles Bridge (karluv most) 

 Prague castle.
We have only given 8 hours to explore the city and there are 10 recommended sights that I needed to see but only seen few. 

It was a long trip but i had fun. ^_^