Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy busy!

Hi blog friends! It’s been awhile since I posted entry in this blog and commented on other blogs but I have been reading the blogs I am following.
Anyways, last month I went home (to the Philippines) to see my mother and the rest of my family, it was nice to see them again after a year. Although, I was sick when I was there it was okay, because I get to eat my favorite food and fruits, I spent a lot of time with the kids and my mother and chit chat with them all day long!
But before all the adventures and chit chatting with family back home, I did finish all the crochet angry birds and pigs that I was working on couple of months ago. I tried to complete them all but I do not have yarns and I can’t order online too because we are moving to another country….
Speaking of moving! It was exhausting and crazy moving all of our stuff to the states. Well, I did not do all the packing but cleaning, sorting stuff before the movers came, clearing the fridge, gathering all the documents we need, etc. it was not fun at all. I still need to clean this apartment before the end of the month and then move to a hotel and then travel again! Whew! What a month for me.
Okay, enough with story here are some photos I took before I went home.

 Oh my family and I wearing the hats i made! it was fun!

Have a bless day everyone!