Thursday, April 21, 2011

beauty of keunkenhof gardens, lisse holland

spring has sprung! two weeks ago, my husband took me to keunkenhof garden in lisse, holland. it was a wonderful experience for me, the garden was full of beautiful flowers like tulips,daffodils, hyacinths and more. here are some photos i have taken during my visit.

 keunkenhof garden is open for public viewing starting 24th of  march to 20th of may from 08:00 to 19:00and ticketing is open till 18:00.
 if you are planning to visit the garden i suggest to go early in the morning for few reasons, first it is less crowded. you can buy ticket without waiting in a long line like in the middle of the day. another is you will enjoy the sunshine, not so hot and not so cold. i say it is just right.
the garden is big but not to worry there is a map available for 4 euros with mini booklet that has some information about the place.
here is another photo
this photo is one of my favorite, it is actually the background of my computer.
these are my favorite pictures. it is better to take good camera with you if you are planning to visit the garden because capturing the beauty of the place is priceless. i am not promoting the place, i just want to share my experience, i hope you like it. for more information about the place you can visit the site:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

a challenge for myself

This is not my first blog. I created a blog before because a friend of mine asked me too and I so I did blogged for a few months and then stopped because one blogger told me that I have poor grammar, poor structure although have good topics. I guess the last was a compliment, I don’t know.
After four years of being away from pen, paper and books I took a test and it was 135 items and I only got 13, and yes it was embarrassing. In few weeks I need to take another test and this time it will be 200 items. I need to get at least 79 score. So I have come up of the idea of challenging myself into writing and post it online so other can read it. Ask the readers to comment on my essays or topic.
This test I am going to take the test for English, after that I will be preparing for college in a foreign country. The purpose of this blog is to get opinion or advice on how to improve my writing, my grammar and vocabulary. If you are reading this blog please give me your feedback. I don’t need people who will criticize me, people who will tell me just to give up. I need people who will correct my mistakes and will inspire me more to do better.
My name is Jee , im 25 and challenging myself to pass the test and get better in writing. I am hoping I can get good feedbacks and helpful tips in the future through blogging.